Better Than a Compass. GPS on ski map by Maprika

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If your life feels empty without hiking tours. If bicycling from Prague to Rome is one of your golden dreams in life. And if skiing gives you the thrills as nothing else can –  GPS on Ski map by Maprika must be a part of your tourist’s arsenal.

It is a completely free application that allows you to find routes, roads, be updated on weather condition and get plenty of other useful info.

Spicy Maprika

First of all, before you can put the app to use, you need to allow it processing the GPS data from your phone. As soon as the permission is granted, explore the Maprika’s functionality. It’s quite versatile:

  • Maps – digitalized versions of paper maps, online cartographical services, satellite/landscape images, etc. Maprika app has it all. And what’s even better you can design your very own maps: go to Create Map category, choose the images stored on your phone, take photos or even draw a map by hand – and it’s done.
  • Tracking – you can track yourself in real time and share it with the others.
  • Moreover, you can be aware of your family/friends’ location if they use Maprika too.
  • Meetings – you can set up a rendezvous with your friends and Maprika will guide you to your destination.
  • Places – it has a rich dossier of theme & national parks, sights, businesses, college campuses and, of course, ski trails/resorts. E.g., if you navigate to Norway, you will find such popular ski trails as Beitostolen or Sudndalen. The places you especially enjoyed can be marked as favorites to be saved or shared later.

Another handy feature of the app is the Online -> Offline. In other words, if you know that you’re going to some place, where the signal will be very weak or absent at all if you fail to find Wi-Fi hotspots etc. – select a part of the map and save it to be used offline later.

That 70’s map

As of now, Maprika has 10 300 maps in total, covering every continent, country, major city etc. Some of them are downloadable. For instance, if you go to All Maps and then tap on Nearby, the app will browse maps of towns, cities, resorts etc. located near you.

You can install those maps, but be warned: some of them may have been designed in the 1970s. It is strongly recommended to use Online -> Offline feature instead, because the world map is regularly updated in Maprika. A little tip: if you fail to find a particular map you can request it from your more experienced friends right in the app.

Online Services

When sketching your journey route or searching for a hotel address, you can use one of the services available in Maprika:

  • Google Road, Satellite, Terrain.
  • OpenStreetMap.
  • OpenCycleMap.
  • USGS Topo.
  • ArcGIS.
  • Bing Road & Satellite.

They can cover most of the geographical objects that you might need to learn about.


GPS on Ski map by Maprika is simple and versatile at the same time. It works like a charm when it comes to finding ski trails, bicycle tracks, parks etc. Its repertoire of online services and offline maps will be your guiding angel during a trip. And GPS-tracking will let your loved ones know where exactly you are 24/7.


  • Database of ski trails.
  • Online maps.
  • Custom maps.
  • Cached data for offline viewing.
  • Zero price.


  • Certain maps can be too old.
  • GUI isn’t adjusted to tablet screens well.
  • Park maps are limited.

GPS on Ski map by Maprika is a perfect travel companion. With lots of updated data, GPS-tracking and custom maps.


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