Overview Flexiroam X — chip on the SIM card for the Internet travel

When you go on a holiday or a business trip to another country, your main SIM card most likely turns into a pumpkin, because in order to use it further, you need to activate roaming. And this service is often rather costly.

This problem has a solution in the form of buying local SIM cards, however, it would be beneficial if you are in one country for a long time. If you often move from one country to another, then such a decision cannot be considered convenient. Of course, there is still output in the form of various TravelSIM, but then again there are disadvantages. First, you will have to extract the main SIM card and insert another, or have a second empty slot, if your phone supports two SIM cards. It is not very convenient, because there is a huge risk to lose your primary card during data manipulation.

The guys from the company Flexiroam came up with an innovative solution to the above challenges. They did a special chip that is glued to your SIM. This way you of the main SIM cards would be obtained as two.

Download from App Store or Play Store special application FLEXIROAM X MOBILE APP and installing it on the smartphone, you can anytime switch between my main SIM and chip Flexiroam X. This is useful, because, I repeat — do not need to remove every time the tray SIM-cards, thereby reducing the wear of the carriage and minimizes the risk of loss of SIM.

Notice that when X is included FLEXIROAM, then your main map, no one can get through.

The rates for each country, which are currently available are listed on the website Flexiroam. There are more than 100 countries, but the company is growing and adding more countries. There are also rates of the global Internet, which will work in more than 130 countries.

In my starter pack available from the start 100 MB of the global Internet for use in many countries. Of course it is a nice bonus, however, this volume of traffic would last only for checking email, communicating in Messaggero and download several pages – in short, a set for emergencies. For more traffic, you have to purchase a package, which is valid in the selected country or the package that works almost everywhere, without reference to the country and you can use the Internet almost anywhere in the world.

Initially I wanted to spend some a comparison of prices with other operators, but understand that prices are constantly changing, and the review can read visitors not only from Ukraine, so I recommend you to look through the prices for roaming charges from your operator and to compare them with the prices on the website Flexiroamin order to understand whether it’s you.

How to connect?

If you have already done all the machinations described above, namely: bought the chip, glue it to your SIM card and installed the application FLEXIROAM X MOBILE APP to your smartphone, you can begin customizing this wonderful functions.

First of all, go in the app and on the main screen at the bottom click the tab “Status”, and already there click “Switch to X Flexiroam”. In the appeared menu choose “FLEXIROAM X-KIT”, and then “Switch SIM”, where we choose our chip and restart your smartphone.

The next thing we need is the smartphone, under “mobile network” to enable data roaming, and then in the settings of the access point (APN) to enter flexiroam in the line next to the name, and opposite the APN again to enter flexiroam. At this stage, all.

The setup I described on the example of the Android device. You can also download the app and watch a video on connecting the chip – both for Android and for iOS.

After everything is done, go to the app and update the start page. If you see a notification that you’re connected to, then fine, use the Internet, if you have, of course, there are available the MB.

Flexiroam works is very simple. The chip is automatically connected to the local operator, which provides the best connection and highest speed at your location. The preference for 4G and 3G networks. If you are in a remote area with poor mobile connection, so you should expect is that on a 2G connection.

Flexiroam X — in General, cool stuff. For travel to other countries, you do not need to purchase a special travel SIM or buy a local SIM card, especially in cases when it is not really advisable if you are a couple of days passing through. Also, you do not have to constantly open the slot and change the SIM card, once is enough to glue the chip on your primary card and install it in your smartphone. In fact, one Sims you get two that will allow you to quickly choose the best conditions for an Internet connection at a particular point in time. In General this solution is very convenient in terms of mobility and comfort.

As for pricing, here each is determined independently because each mobile operator has roaming services and prices are very different depending on the country of residence. To compare the prices offered by your operator with the rates Flexiroam X on the official website or FLEXIROAM app X MOBILE APP.

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